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Template Text Colors and Backgrounds

The possibilities of our template builder are nearly limitless. With several template building upgrades scheduled for the future, and with a bit of creativity, every website built with MySiteCMS can be different from the rest.

Current template design features include a full color palette for text and background colors, and the ability to upload custom graphics as background images and textures, allowing you to control nearly 60 elements of your website's.

Assigning a color to text or background is simple. You can either enter the hex values if you have them from another application or use the color picker and palettes.

How to use the MySiteCMS Color Picker and Palettes 

Using The Color Picker and Palettes

When in the Text or the Background sections clicking on the color link next to a field will open the color picker. Choosing a color will load that color into the large "replace color with" swatch at the top and clicking on that swatch will load that color into the field you were working on.


How to use the MySiteCMS Color Picker and Palettes


You can select and add a full color palette to your text or background sections by selecting a palette from the bottom of the color picker. Selecting the BGC or TXT link of your chosen palette will apply this color set to all the items of the chosen type. After that you can make adjustments for your preferences, readability issues, or other contrasting problems. Once finished, save your changes before leaving the page!


Background Colors and Images

Background images are a great way to make a page pop! Adding subtle effects like a fade or texture can really make a page stand out. To get things started here is a diagram which explains how the div sections are placed on the page and why this would matter is explained below.


Background DIV stacking order


Any colors assigned to DIVs on the upper levels shown in the diagram will cover the ones on the lower levels. Images added to the DIVs they are assigned to are placed above the color selected for that particular.

A great trick to getting advanced results is to upload an image that is either translucent or has transparency with no background color chosen. The shadow effect on each side of this page's content area is one such example.


How to use the MySiteCMS Template Builder for Backgrounds


Text Colors

Assigning colors to the text of your website is simple. The steps for choosing colors are outlined above in the description for the color palette. Here is a breakdown of the fields:

Default color assigns a blanket to all the colors on the website. If any fields are left blank, this color will serve as the replacement.

Links (hyperlinks) are the links you use in the text of your page. The Hyperlink default works like the default color. The hyperlink hover text is the color the link changes to when your mouse moves over the link.

The remaining fields are self explanatory. If you're not sure what something does, explore the options, and save the changes. You might find a result that is interesting and creative.



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