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Template Settings Section

MySiteCMS website template settings


This section holds many settings for your MySiteCMS website such as:

Template Text/Backgrounds: Providing hundreds of color combinations, our template builder allows you to select colors for each element and section on your page. You can also upload images as backgrounds for sections and choose their position. Learn how to use the template builder here.


Analytic Codes: Included with our MySiteCMS is a analytics system that seems to grow in features on a weekly basis, however users like to link their account with their trusted analytics account. This section is used to upload the code to your website pages. This code will appear on each page.

MySiteCMS website analytics google code snippet


Custom Scripts: Advanced users can upload custom javascripts to be included in every page of their website. Be sure to test this code for accuracy and its compatibility with the MySiteCMS system. Additionally, please read and understand the terms of service regarding any hacks/malicious scripts.

MySiteCMS custom javascript code section 

Navigation Settings: Currently MySiteCMS has 2 versions of navigation included with our templates. The automatic feature creates several tabs at the top of the page based on the types of pages you create on your website. Home and Contact Us are 2 standard navigation tabs. Blogs pages, Galleries, and Sales pages are each given their own section. A completely customizable navigation feature is also available allowing for detailed sets of navigation tabs and link types. For more information about or navigation structure.

Image Brand/Watermark: Adding an image brand/watermark is a great way to increase awareness of your website when visitors find your images on other websites than your MySiteCMS website. Read more about image branding.

Topper Default: Website toppers are a great way to provide a consistent feel across the pages of your website. Toppers can link to any page on or off your website. Learn more about website toppers here.

Page Layout Default: Adding a sidebar to every page, making it appear on the right or left, and managing all your website's banner ads can be done here. Not specifically designed for banner advertisements, this section allows you to manage various default page elements throughout your website, however banner ads are perfect for this section. Read more about managing your default page layout.

Footer Default: A website footer is a great way to offer additional links to your visitors on every page. Footers can offer consistent feel across the pages of your website. Learn more about website footers here.



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