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Signing up for a new account on MySiteCMS is fast and simple. Basic information about the contact person and business account is all that is required. However if the business information too closely matches another account in the system, another account cannot be created with that information. Accept the terms and conditions in the service agreement before continuing. If an existing user creates new business account, that account will be added to their profile.


Signing up for a new MySiteCMS account is fast and simple


MySiteCMS user email confirmation linkAfter submitting the account information check the email account used when signing up for a confirmation link from MySiteCMS. Check bulk-mail/spam folders. If the confirmation email has not been received, please use the resend confirmation link found at the bottom of the signup/login page. Be sure to use the last confirmation link that was sent.

After clicking on the link from the confirmation email, new users will need to create a new password, and existing users will redirected to the login page with a successful confirmation. Once you have confirmed the account you will ready to start building your website!

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