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Photo Gallery Defaults

Show Cropped Gallery Images: When photos are uploaded to your MySiteCMS website we resize and thumbnail each image. These thumbnails are displayed in the gallery pages your visitors see. Thumbnails come in 2 types, cropped (squared) and normal. The normal thumbnail is just a smaller version of the image, portrait oriented images appear taller, while oriented  landscape appear wider. The cropped thumbnail provides a more consistent look to a page with several images or varying orientations.

Display Gallery Format: Currently MySiteCMS has 2 versions of our image galleries. The standard gallery is a beautiful javascript powered image viewer complete with thumbnail viewer, fading animations, and a mouse-over description viewer. The Image List view is much like a blog style listing of the gallery images. The image thumbnail is aligned to the left, with the title and a short description next to it, which requires the visitor to "click into" pages that contain the full sized image.

Display Upload Date: This information appears only on the List View "clicked into" image descriptions and when someone follows links posted to social media back to our website. Search engines sometimes pick up on this date when fresh content is posted to your website on a regular basis, however if content gets stale on your website this could hurt if visitors see only old out-dated information.



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