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Customizable data collection for your website

Custom Forms

Collect and store only the data you need from your website visitors. Form submissions can be added to your contacts and exported to spread sheets.

Dominate the Search Engines with the MySiteCMS SEO Report Card!
QR codes fully intergrated into our content management system

Fully Intergrated into MySiteCMS

Display the code then track visitors to your website, social page, or any URL with this easy to use qr code generator.

URL shortening service intregrated in MySiteCMS content management system

Shorten, Share, & Track Your Popular URLs

Quickly shorten any url, branding it with your website address, and share/track the results using our integrated system.

Content Management and Website Features

MySiteCMS has been built to accommodate several different business models and markets with industry leading website tools that would cost business owners up to thousands of dollars a month to have access to individually on their website. Rolled into one package, MySiteCMS removes the delay issues, hours work, and mind-numbing complexity of operating several accounts and services offered on the internet today. After reviewing the list below anyone will agree the features included in our standard package are far above anything offered on the market today. With several more tools and features scheduled for release this year, MySiteCMS will continue to be a valueable tool in delivering the best experience to your visitors and providing the easiest way to manage dozens of website features quickly and easily!


*Upcoming Features
*New Features 

Current Features Include:

Website Features:

    • Custom Page Layouts
      • Topper
      • Navigation
      • Rotating Marquee
      • Footer
    • Navigation Tabs
      • Basic Auto Generated Tabs and Sub Nav
      • Up to 6 Custom Main Tabs with Sub Nav Links
    • Unlimited Content Pages
      • Rotating Marquee Pages
      • Blog Pages
      • Image Galleries
      • Event Calendar
      • Sales Pages
    • RSS Output for Subscription/Readers (blog posts, gallery listings, sales listings) 
    • JSON Output for Remote Access (pages, blog posts, gallery images, sale listings)
    • Site Map (Automatically Generated)
    • Privacy Policy Page
    • Social Media Links
      • Links to Over 10 Social Accounts
        • Social Media Clickthrough Tracking
      • Default Social Profile Image
      • Share Buttons
        • Facebook
        • Google+
        • Twitter
        • Pinterest
      • Website Contact Form
        • Specify Included/Required Fields
        • Thank you submission page
        • Contacts/Messages Stored in Internet Lead Manager (ILM)
        • Email & SMS Lead Notification
      • Custom Forms
        • Collect unlimited fields
          • Text, radial buttons, dropdowns, check boxes, address groups, email validation
        • Specify landing url
          • Can be used with PayPal Checkout
        • CC recipients
        • Captcha Protect
        • CSV - Excel info export
        • Map fields to CRM
        • Prefilled Values From Page URL
      • User Portal
        • Registration and email confirmation, password reset
        • Login and user profile, account edit
        • More user actions and connectivity coming soon...
      • Limited Access Pages
        • Registered User Only Pages
        • Selected User Access Only Pages

E-Commerice Features:

      • Unlimited Sales Pages
        • Default/Customizable Settings
        • Default Shipping/Handling Charge
        • Publish/Surpress Pricing
        • Page Specific Ordering Terms
        • Gallery or List Style Listing Display
      • Unlimited Listings
        • Sort Listings By:
          • Title
          • Product #
          • Price
          • Age
        • Listing Image Gallery
          • Image Branding
        • Single or Multi Price Item
          • Added Shipping Adjustments
        • Item Options
        • Schedule Listing Time/Date
        • Embed Video Codes
      • Shopping Carts
        • Credit Card Checkout
        • Paypal Checkout and IPN
        • Order Confirmation Page
        • Payment/Checkout Instant Notification
      • Paypal Button/Link Builder (Coming Soon)
      • Out of Stock/Sold Notification

Template Features:

      • Responsive Design
        • Widescreen Display (over 1000px)
        • Tablet Platform
        • Mobile Platform (under 675px) 
      • Customize nearly 60 design elements
      • Background/Text Color Palettes
      • Background Colors/Images
        • Page Background
        • Full Width Backgrounds Sections
          • Topper
          • Navigation
          • Marquee
          • Content
          • Footer
        • Navigation Background Sections
          • Normal and Hover States
      • Text Colors
        • Independant Content Sections
          • Normal Text
          • Link Text
          • Link Hover Text
      • Premade Templates

Marketing Features Include:

      • Asset Hosting
        • Image Hosting
        • Files (compressed achieves and PDFs)   
      • Image Branding
      • QR Code Creation
      • Shortened URLs
      • Social Share Links
      • Scheduled Content Management
        • Rotating Marquees
        • Blog Posts
        • Sales Listing
      • Marketing Templates
      • Advertisement Marketing Manager
        • Contact Information Collection
        • Display Ad Pop-Over
      • Contact Email Broadcasts
      • Newsletter Builder
        • Newletter Email Broadcasts

Traffic Insight Features:

      • Session Tracking:
        • Visitors
        • Pages
        • Images
        • Posts
        • Listings
        • Events
      • QR Code Tracking
      • Shortened URL Tracking
      • Shopping Cart Tracking
      • Website Search Tracking
      • Intergrate Google Analytics
      • Marketing Template Tracking
        • Visitor Views
        • Click-throughs
      • Contact Email Broadcast Tracking
        • Open Rate Tracking
        • Click-through Tracking
      • Newsletter Broadcast Tracking
        • Open Rate Tracking
        • Click-through Tracking

Search Engine Optimization Features:

      • Website Meta Tags
        • Default Title, Keyword, and Descriptions
        • Create Unique Meta Tags for:
          • Pages
          • Blog Posts
          • Gallery Images
          • Events
          • Sales Listings
      • SEO Report Card
        • Pages graded on best practices
        • Grades based on 20 on-page achievements
        • Easy to understand recommendations
        • Content duplication warnings
        • Keyword saturation and validation

Management Features:

    • Email & SMS Notifications
    • User Management
      • Unlimited Users/Admins
      • Admin Controls
        • Invite User
        • User Permissions
        • Reset Password
        • Suspend User

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