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Creating your new website on MySitCMS is fast and simple, however planning the perfect website takes some time. You will be tempted to jump right in and that's great, and we encourage that, but here are some things to consider.

All links to image assets and text links you create to the pages within your new website will use your default MySiteCMS url. For the best search engine results, and to help increase your website's popularity, you should link a domain name to your account as soon as you can. Here's how to link your domain to your MySiteCMS account.

Images uploaded to your new photo galleries, sales listings, and blogs should be branded with a watermark to help increase awareness of your new website. When your images appear in search results, or a fan shares them with others on a social media website, a watermark is the best way to ensure everyone is aware or where the image came from. Adding a watermark from the beginning will prevent you from having to re-upload images later. Read more about image branding.

Default settings are a great way to have a consistent feel across your website.  MySiteCMS allows you to build default sections for the topper, leaderboard, skyscraper sidebar, inline content, lower leaderboard, and footer. Editing these elements on a page by page basis will take time. The defaults and custom elements can be updated at anytime, however deciding now which pages you would like to include in the default settings will save you hours of updating later. Here are the specifics of each section.



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