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Adding Image Branding/Watermark

Image /watermark/branding example on MySiteCMSImages uploaded to your new photo galleries, sales listings, and blogs should be branded with a watermark to help increase awareness of your new website. When your images appear in search results, or a fan shares them with others on a social media website, a watermark is the best way to ensure everyone is aware or where the image came from. Adding a watermark from the beginning will prevent you from having to re-upload images later.

Choosing the right brand, making it recognizable, and determining whether to include your business logo or domain name is beyond the scope of this post. We will provide some helpful ideas in a later article, however here are the basics to keep in mind.

The brand should:

  • not block out too much of the image (250 wide x 150 tall is plenty)
  • be small enough to brand images of varying sizes and orientations (portrait or landscape)
  • have a transparent background and be slightly translucent (.png accepted)

Uploading your watermark is simple. In your MySiteCMS admin account, navigate to the website tab and click the settings link. On the website settings page, select the template settings section, and click edit watermark. If a watermark has been uploaded in the past the image will appear in this section.


How to add an image watermatk/brand to your MySiteCMS website galleries

To upload a new watermark, or over-write the previous watermark:

  • choose a file from your computer
  • select the desired watermark placement
  • submit your changes

All future image uploads will now use this watermark.



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